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To address the specific needs of your company and working mothers, below is a menu of workshops that can be customized and delivered as a series of individually. Our workshops are highly interactive and inspiring and incorporate visualizations, group/partner/individual exercises, and coaching and teaching. The objective is for each participant to leave with tools and actions that will move her forward. Follow-up on-site group coaching creates the needed ongoing support, feedback and accountability to fully practice and incorporate the tools and skills learned in each workshop.

Menu of Workshop Topics:

Tools for New Working Moms
  • Manage guilt, fear and stress
  • Learn how saying “no” is really saying “yes”
  • Practice extreme self-care

Clarify Your Work/Life Vision as a New Working Mom

  • Identify and re-align values, priorities, and goals
  • Craft a plan
  • Create accountability

Baby On Board: Preparing for Maternity Leave

  • Create a vision
  • Know your HR benefits and options
  • Learn tips on staying connected while away
  • Craft a plan

Ramping Back Up: Returning from Maternity Leave

  • Create a vision
  • Know your HR benefits and options
  • Learn tips on how to re-engage when you return
  • Craft a plan

Managing What’s Out of Control: Thrive Amidst Working Mothers’ Chaos

  • Schools out for the summer: craft a plan
  • Sick children: create a childcare net
  • Learn how to dance with ‘what is’

Workshop Details: There are three options for each topic – two hours, half day, and full day. Each workshop is specifically designed to be high-touch with a suggested maximum number of participants of 24.

On-site Group Coaching: One hour monthly on-site with two coach facilitators for six months. This crucial piece provides integration of new skills and tools learned in each workshop, as well as accountability and support. Each group coaching program is specifically designed as a follow-up to each workshop topic and is high-touch with a suggested maximum number of participants of 12.

Corporate Coaching Return on Investment: Simply put, coaching is the most effective modality of growth, training, and development available. Unlike "one-size-fits-all" training, ($200 B. expended annually according to the ASTD of which Training Magazine estimates 50% is "utterly wasted"), coaching engages a client where they are, as a unique and accomplished individual. It focuses on what clients most need to learn, and then keeps a structure of regular support so new knowledge, insight and perspective can become new behavior. 

Coaching aligns the analytic and the intuitive with the goal of not just getting better results, but getting the most meaningful results. There is empirical evidence mounting that demonstrates a well executed corporate coaching program can achieve between 500% and 700% return on investment. (The Manchester Review, Volume 6, Number 1, 2001 and MetrixGlobal Study, 2005.)