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Before I knew Corrine’s profession, we volunteered together and she inspired me to accomplish great things in our community. Once I learned that she was a life coach, I could not wait to see how she could help me in my own life. Corrine encourages me to examine everything – the good and the bad – in a very honest way, and make conscious choices to manifest exactly what I desire most. Her coaching is so effective in not only helping people reach goals, but more importantly helping to reach the right goals – the kind that bring you closer to your best life.
~ Kristen, a grateful client who was tired and is now inspired
and can’t wait to see what comes next!
Through my work with Corrine over the past decade, my perspective has been radically transformed from one in which I was a victim of life’s circumstances to one in which I have the power to create anything I want in my life. Corrine is intuitive, compassionate, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I am grateful and honored to have discovered and learned from such an extraordinary teacher.
~ Melissa, working mother of 2-year-old Colton
Corrine helped me to identify and manifest my personal and professional goals. With her impeccable coaching style, she gave me the right guidance and support; three months later I have the relationship I dreamed of and the promotion and raise I desired. Corrine is an exceptional coach, her insight, wisdom, and compassion are truly inspiring.
~ Linda, Sr. Public Relations Manager
What is fun about the process is that if you really invest yourself in it, you will start to see changes in your life for the better. I can honestly say that if I look at where I was when I started working with Corrine, I would not have believed my life would be so different now - and definitely for the better.
~ Judy, Strategic Communications Consultant
Prior to working with Corrine I worked in unfulfilling jobs. Corrine helped me realize and exercise my potentials and talents so I could create my ideal work environment and be happy at the end of the day. Without her I wouldn't be the successful happy person I am today.
~ Vera, Event Coordinator
I love to collect quotes and inspirational sayings. After working with Corrine I was browsing through my collection and came upon a quote that put into perspective everything that Corrine represents as a coach.

"A Coach is someone who tells you what you donít want to hear, has you see what you donít want to see, so you can be the best you can be." -Tom Landry

As one of those people who "already knew everything", I sure have learned a lot and come a long way. Thank you Corrine, for helping me be the best I can be!

~ Dody, Fitness Professional / happy wife and mom