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Invest in Yourself

So, all of your energy has been invested in creating happiness in others and you can’t remember what brings you joy. Break the pattern and focus on yourself. How?

Take the Time

Transform your life in about 40 minutes a week – less time than it takes to do a load of laundry or pay the bills. It’s that easy and you’re worth it. In fact, the first session is on me so you can see just how easy it is to invest in yourself.

Slow down – stop abruptly, if you have to – and take the time to reconnect with yourself.

Get Rid of the Guilt

Give yourself permission to identify, reinvent, and foster your own true spirit, not just satisfy others’ needs. Don’t think of it as a chore. Consider it an adventure. Need a guide, a navigator? That’s where I come in!

I’ll help you establish and pursue individual core values while nurturing your individual spirit. Toss the guilt aside and make room for creating clarity in who you are, why you are and where you want to go.

Dig Deep and Dive In

Life has become a true balancing act. It’s not easy juggling kids and careers, community involvement and household responsibilities. Personal growth is the first and easiest ball to drop.

You wouldn’t be reading this if something weren’t missing.  It’s time to reach beyond balance to survive and find the balance to thrive. It will require honest work to look deep inside and dig out what truly matters to you. But it will be the most rewarding time and energy ever spent. Discovering and nurturing the true you is the best path to caring for your children, your career and yourself. 

Stick with It

Get a plan, set practical milestones, and don’t let go. The rewards begin long before arriving at your destination. Everyday will feel different, knowing you are on the path to your dreams.

All it takes to create and work your plan is some personal honesty, a sense of humor and a readiness for adventure. I can help with the rest.