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Finding the right guide is vital, which is why I offer a free introductory session. I create a safe haven for tackling the most personal self-exploration.


Truthfulness is critical each and every step of your journey. I will challenge you to be honest in determining your priorities and chosen path. I’ll actively mirror that candor with my counsel.  Remember the old grade-school adage: “cheaters never win.”  Don’t try to fake yourself out on what’s really important and what it will take to make the most of your life. I can help keep it real so you can reach your goals.


A clear vision is crucial to success. While the trails may be unpredictable, keeping your sights set on the summit will help you reach the top. I have a decade-long track record of helping clients filter through the clutter and keep it simple. I’ll help you navigate – even enjoy – the bumps on the paths, turning each into a fun-filled facet of your adventure.

Tackling tough life choices is only part of the story.  I’m keenly aware of the need to nurture each client’s spirit along the way. My enthusiasm is contagious and commitment unfaltering. I’ll motivate you to take risks in daily life while safeguarding your core values.