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Benefits of Coaching
Coaching Process
Initial Consultation

The first step on your new adventure is a simple one: sit down with me and chat. We’ll get to know each other, establish a connection and lay the groundwork for creating a safe place for your personal journey. We’ll explore your objectives and answer any questions you may have about how a coach can help achieve your goals. This introductory meeting is on me – I want to gain your confidence in me as a partner and find faith that we’ll have fun together along the way.

First Coaching Session

Our first “real” 90-minute session is where the true adventure begins. We’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into an honest discussion:

Defining you core values
Establishing what you hope to change or achieve
Identifying things that may be holding you back
Determining how your coaching goals fit into your life’s “big-picture”

We’ll then translate that self-exploration into a specific plan of attack – mapping out the milestones for your journey and defining the tools and tactics we’ll employ along our way to reach the summit.

Ongoing Sessions

We’ll meet each week to ensure we’re sticking with our designated path – it’s in these sessions that I’ll help keep it real, nurture your core values and navigate any speed bumps. I’ll challenge you to be honest about progress made and we’ll collaborate on possible shifts in strategy or technique to enrich the experience.

Take the time to prepare. We want to get the greatest value out of our session together, so I ask that you email an agenda the day before our meeting identifying what you hope to achieve and highlighting any issues or achievements you’d like to discuss.

Given the crazy nature of life as we know it, we can be flexible on the day of the week and time of the day we meet.

Please contact me to discuss specific billing rates and processes.