Embracing Motherhood by Corrine L. Bucher, Life Coach
Corrine L. Bucher, Life Coach

A Matter of Perspective
I quickly moved the cursor over the send/receive button and tapped, hopeful that I could steal away for a few minutes while my toddlers played in the next room....

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July 2008 Newsletter - #2
Embracing Motherhood:
Developmental Milestones

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I am looking forward to an upcoming multi-family camping trip down to Big Sur, in large part because my kids are so excited. Little ones really have a way of making simple pleasures feel like grand adventures.

This month, I invite you to explore the topic of developmental milestones. Not your child’s, but your own. Motherhood is complex! Try seeing it as an incredible spiritual journey…the more you learn, the more you grow, the more joy will be revealed. I am also thrilled to introduce you to my first Modern Mom, Kim Delli Santi, in the Spotlight interview. Her passion for what she is creating in this new phase of her life is inspiring.

Whatever your stage of motherhood, I hope you feel inspired and supported each month to live more fully and joyfully. My mission is to bring you simple, practical ideas that you can use right now to usher in more energy, time and dare I say – balance.

I welcome your feedback. Please let me know what will help you make the most of your adventure.

Corrine Bucher
Life Coach and mother of two toddlers

A Matter of Perspective

Developmental Milestones

I quickly moved the cursor over the send/receive button and tapped, hopeful that I could steal away for a few minutes while my toddlers played in the next room. As my inbox filled, I could hear their happy voices transform into shrieking cries. Lately my son, only a year younger than his sister, has found sport in punching her buttons. As I feel myself tense up and prepare for battle, I glance down and my eye lands on an email titled, My Preschooler This Month. Being a big believer in the concept of synchronicity, I take the time to read this before heading off to break up the mayhem. My Preschooler’s purpose each month is to give me a sense of where my children are developmentally. Today is no different; Mathias, at the moment, is simply acting his age. At 3 ½, he has a curiosity about power and control. Testing boundaries is a natural part of that.

Armed with this reminder, I head off with so much more compassion and patience! I realize that my lack of patience is a product of my overblown expectations. Instead of elevating the tension in the other room, I am now able to bring humor and diffuse the entire situation. Which got me thinking: how much more compassion and humor would I have for myself if I understood where I am in my growth as a mother?

Knowing where I am in my spiritual, emotional, and physical development gives me a new perspective on why I am and why I might not be achieving certain things. As an example, I can get frustrated with the speed at which I am building back my business after taking some time off with my babies. But if I stop and look at the reality of the situation, I find a sense of relief and power. For a mother of two, who still doesn’t put in a full work week, I am actually doing a lot! And that new perspective allows me to see my successes, instead of focus on my shortcomings. It moves me forward and allows me to strategize. Compassion for me, equals freedom to move.


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"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves."
Thomas Edison
Into Action

Take action now. Pull out a sheet of paper and write down your answers to these questions.

Where are you feeling frustrated with yourself?
What are the reasons for that frustration?
What might you not be giving yourself credit for?
What is the one thing you can do today to lower your frustration?
If you hold yourself with more compassion, what is available to you?

More compassion opens up the space for finding new solutions!

Email me at Corrine@corrinebucher.com and share with me what you come up with!

Modern Mom Spotlight

Kimberly Delli Santi
BallroomKidz  www.ballroomkidz.com

Ballroom Dancing is in the forefront of today's popular culture, as a result, kids and adults alike have fallen in love with the excitement of dancing! Kimberly Delli Santi is bringing that passion to children in the Bay Area, and it is changing lives.

With a Master's Degree in Education, Kimberly has created and co-launched BallroomKidz.com, a comprehensive educational, fitness, etiquette, and dance program.  Kids not only learn dance steps and technique, they learn about the culture, origins, and geography of each dance style.  In addition, they learn critical social skills and proper etiquette, resulting in heightened self-esteem, confidence, and respect for themselves and one another.  Working with ages 6-12, and then 13-17, Kimberly has found that dance changes lives.  Pre-teens and elementary children are communicating, losing weight, and are participating in a healthy activity they will carry through for the rest of their lives.

5. What is your top tip for balancing it all?

As in dance, balance is key for proper execution!  As a mother to an active 3 year old, and soon to be a wife, launching a business while growing my family is very important to me.  I make sure that I maximize my work time while my son is in school, and then focus on being a mother by 3pm!  If I have a special event or dance class later, I bring him with me, and he is learning to dance and be part of my professional world.  How lucky am I?!

6. How has being a mother impacted your success?

Motherhood slowed me down professionally for the first year as I was a single mom and focused mainly on my son.  With that said, during that time I learned valuable lessons in complete love, patience, sacrifice, and that family comes first.  Because motherhood changed everything about me, I have taken the extra care needed to make my dance program one that I would want my own children to be part of.  Being a mother to Gabriel has both humbled me as well as given me a higher standard to work towards.  I take my work with children very seriously, but even more so after becoming a mother.

7. What is your best mommy moment?

My best mommy moment was when I was so overtired, frazzled, frustrated, and emotionally drained with my son that I was numb.  Gabriel must have been about 2 years old, and it had been a terrible day for both of us.  I remember putting him to bed, grateful that I could finally get some sleep and a much needed break!  As I walked out the door, Gabriel said for the first time ever, 'Mommy, I love you.'  My heart just melted. In my moment of despair, those words gave me strength and reminded me of the rewards of being a mother, and why I work so hard to provide for him. 
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Corrine Bucher, Life Coach

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A veteran coach and mother, I am devoted to transforming the lives of mothers, whether working or not. Known for my enthusiasm, spiritual touch, and practical strategies I have spent the last 9 years coaching women who strive to find more balance and fulfillment often to remarkable results. This is success from the inside-out, deep lasting change driven by taking compelling inspired actions. 

The co-creator of corporate programs for Working Mothers, I challenge and inspire women to define their work/life balance vision so that they can begin to feel a sense of control again.  Offering tools to manage the guilt and stress of motherhood, my clients take away practical strategies to implement immediately.

Recently asked to host a Working Mothers’ weekly radio show on Exceptional Wisdom Radio, I will interview experts in the field of Working Mothers. Bringing real solutions and answers is my passion.