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Corrine L. Bucher, Life Coach

A Matter of Perspective
What Is Your Powerful Driving Force?

Into Action
Some guidelines for choosing your theme or intention for the year

Modern Mom Spotlight
Amy Fothergill
The Family Chef


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February 2009 Newsletter - #8
Embracing Motherhood:
What Is Your Powerful Driving Force?

Dear Friends,

January felt like an important time for regrouping and re-grounding personally and as a family, which meant shuffling priorities and taking a month off from writing a newsletter. I have learned the incredible value of recharging and taking time to plan for a fantastic year. That includes coming up with new ways to bring value to all the mothers I am blessed to be in contact with. Get ready for monthly practical tools, tips and advice on everything from finding more me-time, to banishing guilt, and so much more!

I stopped setting resolutions many years ago, realizing that they revolved more around what I thought I ‘should do’ rather than what I deeply wanted for my life. I have replaced resolutions with a powerful inspirational theme or intention that drives all my decisions. My theme this year is Live a Vibrant Life! Learn more about that in the article below, then craft your own in Into Action.

Whatever your stage of motherhood, I hope you feel inspired and supported each month to live more fully and joyfully. My mission is to bring you simple, practical ideas that you can use right now to usher in more energy, time and, dare I say balance. 

I welcome your feedback. Please let me know what will help me help you you make the most of your adventure.

May 2009 be your most Vibrant Year Yet!

Corrine Bucher
Life Coach and mother of a pre-schooler and kindergartener


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"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves."
Thomas Edison
A Matter of Perspective

What Is Your Powerful Driving Force?
by Corrine Bucher

Crafting a theme or intention for the year ahead honestly seemed like a silly exercise to me ten years ago when my first coach guided me to do it. But that was before I had ‘mommy brain’; making it hard to remember what I did 20 minutes ago. Having a mantra or a simple saying has become my mental compass, keeping me moving in the right direction. I cling to clichés and tight hits of wisdom. Having a theme for the year grounds all of my actions and decisions in a very simple way.

My intention this year is, Live a Vibrant Life. Why Vibrant? Merriam-Webster defines vibrant as “pulsating with life, vigor, or activity.” I haven’t met a mom who wouldn’t want a little more of that in her life. Have you? There is almost nothing that compares to the exhaustion of the 24/7 juggling act of motherhood. The mere word, “vibrant”, lifts my spirits....

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Into Action

Some guidelines for choosing your theme or intention for the year:

  1. It should take into account what you want to accomplish in all areas of your life and cement your main priorities with intended action.
  2. What do you think will bring you balance AND what you want to achieve both personally and professionally?
  3. What is the essence of what you wish to experience in the coming year?
  4. Keep it short, a maximum of five words
  5. Look for what hits an emotional cord. What feels powerful and inspiring?
  6. Trust that you know deep inside and listen for what comes up.

Please write me and let me know what you chose as your theme for the year! I love hearing from you.


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Modern Mom Spotlight

Amy Fothergill
The Family Chef

After a career in hospitality and then one in software (sales, teaching and writing), Amy was looking to do something with her “free” time while she stayed home with her two children. With the encouragement of her friends, she decided to start teaching cooking classes and The Family Chef was born.

Amy teaches classes that are best described as easy and healthy with a dash of restaurant style in people’s homes as well as stores, like Whole Foods. If you need more one-on-one help, she can provide you with a meal consultation in your home. This consists of Amy creating a pantry list, providing recipes, meal plans and even a cooking lesson, all tailored for you.

You can get the most frequent updates on her blog, http://thefamilychef.blogspot.com, where she writes about food as it relates to friends, children, experiences and her life. Check it out for some great recipes that everyone will enjoy. To get information about when and where she’s teaching cooking classes and about meal consultations, visit her website: http://www.amythefamilychef.com.

1. What is your top tip for balancing it all?
Since food is so important in all of our lives for health, energy, and weight, I make it a priority. I make sure to shop by myself so I have time to think about what I am buying and what I want to cook. Making sure I have this time is very important to me and keeps me balanced. I also need time to exercise which clears my mind and just makes me feel good. I often think about a recipe or what I’m cooking that night as I’m doing sit ups or jumping on and off of a step. I always wonder if the instructor would also find this humorous.

2. How has being a mother impacted your success?
I think becoming a mother has MADE me a success. There’s no way I could have embarked on the journey without going through what I have had. Although there are many, many talented chefs out there, being a mom and a chef has given me perspective that I feel is quite unique. You can’t just put some olives on an English muffin pizza and think that’s what you do to feed children. It’s all about taste, texture and strategy. That’s what I bring to the proverbial table.

3. What is your best mommy moment?
I often tell this story because, to me, it’s just funny and of course, involves food. A friend of mine had posted a blog entry about Dino Kale served with white beans. I looked at it and said to myself, as good as it looks, I don’t think my kids will eat it. She wrote about how her children were eating it out of the pan and I thought, ok, I’ll try it. I cooked the recipe as is, adding pasta to it. I let the children add freshly grated parmesan and good olive oil; involving them in the process is key. Then, without calling it anything or providing any expectations, I just said “Let’s eat.” They each eat 2 bowls and wow, did it warm my heart. It made me realize I’m doing the right thing. And that I should listen to my own advice “Don’t make assumptions about children and eating.”

I’ve had other moments where the “picky eater” finished off the risotto or the veggie soup I made. That helps too.

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A veteran coach and mother, I am devoted to transforming the lives of mothers, whether working or not. Known for my enthusiasm, spiritual touch, and practical strategies I have spent the last 10 years coaching women who strive to find more balance and fulfillment often to remarkable results. This is success from the inside out, deep lasting change driven by taking compelling inspired actions. 

The co-creator of corporate programs for Working Mothers, I challenge and inspire women to define their work/life balance vision so that they can begin to feel a sense of control again.  Offering tools to manage the guilt and stress of motherhood, my clients take away practical strategies to implement immediately.

Recently, I was asked to host a Working Mothers’ weekly radio show on Exceptional Wisdom Radio. Bringing real solutions and answers is my passion, and I'll be interviewing some inspiring guests. Stay tuned for more information!