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What Is Your Powerful Driving Force?
by Corrine Bucher

Crafting a theme or intention for the year ahead honestly seemed like a silly exercise to me ten years ago when my first coach guided me to do it. But that was before I had ‘mommy brain’; making it hard to remember what I did 20 minutes ago. Having a mantra or a simple saying has become my mental compass, keeping me moving in the right direction. I cling to clichés and tight hits of wisdom. Having a theme for the year grounds all of my actions and decisions in a very simple way.

My intention this year is, Live a Vibrant Life. Why Vibrant? Merriam-Webster defines vibrant as “pulsating with life, vigor, or activity.” I haven’t met a mom who wouldn’t want a little more of that in her life. Have you? There is almost nothing that compares to the exhaustion of the 24/7 juggling act of motherhood. The mere word, “vibrant”, lifts my spirits.

Case in point: faced with a work deadline, I let my kids watch a movie past their bedtime. I rationalized that it was the only way to get my work done, but I didn’t feel good about it. When it was over, they were literally lying on the floor, begging for me to carry them, saying that they were too tired to walk upstairs. That just compounded the guilt. Rather than snap at them, I took a deep breath and thought about my theme for the year. What would a Vibrant mom do? That led to a moment of inspiration. I suggested we play ‘hide the toothbrush’ and their little eyes grew wide with curiosity. As I explained the game, they jumped up and ran upstairs beating me to the bathroom. Now that game has become a nightly ritual.

The same process has worked in other parts of my life. It brings the focus on WHO I want to be and then the WHAT naturally flows from there. The beauty is that nothing on the outside really has to change, simply shifting my thoughts creates an entirely new reality. Try it! The key is to create a powerful theme that inspires you to be the person you want to be.

Past my clients have chosen themes such as, Authentic Passion, Grace Under Pressure, Optimal Living, and Simplify and Synergize. What will your theme be? What do you want more of in your life?

About the Author

Corrine Bucher is a veteran coach and mother devoted to transforming the lives of both working and stay-at-home mothers. Her Workshops for Working Mothers, originally developed for a Fortune 500 Company, challenge and inspire women to define their work/life balance vision so they may begin to feel a sense of control again. Learn more and sign up for her online newsletter, Embracing Motherhood, at http://corrinebucher.com.

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